This blog is about being raw and vegan in Johannesburg, or Jozi as we like to call it. It has recipes, restaurant reviews and other vegan and raw food-related information and resources.

I am a long-time vegan, now enjoying with a high raw diet. I love food– cooking it, eating it, reading about it, looking at pictures, and anything else you can do with food. If you share my love of food, and my belief that what you eat matters (to your health and that of the planet), then this blog is for you.

For those based in Joburg, Jozi (Un)cooked offers cooking classes, vegan and raw vegan catering as well as take-aways. We also offer personal chef services and menu planning assistance. See the “Services” page for more info, or contact us at joziuncooked @ gmail.com for more information (remove the extra spaces when e-mailing).

Media coverage

Afternoon Talk on SAFM, 18 February 2010 (Listen here)

Eat Out website, article on raw food in Johannesburg, March 2010 (read here)

City Press, Sunday 23 May 2010 “Raw Passion” (read here and click on recipe link too)


“I contacted Brittany of Jozi Uncooked and the experience was really great. She helped me decide on a menu and produced amazing looking (and tasting!) food …It was really a great collection of tastes and colours! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the really great food.”  Click on this link to read the rest of the blog post by satisfied customer Andrea. Jozi Uncooked prepared a 3-course raw and cooked vegan meal for a special family occasion.

“I had vegan cakes from Brittany, completely out of this world” –Phido Thage, July 2010.

“The workshop was fabulous. It was also amazing to see how you’ve managed to do so much in getting Jozi Uncooked going and yet still keep everything so simple.”–Roshen Moodley, workshop participant.


10 responses to “About

  1. Marcela Guerrero Casas

    This is fab! really looking forward to starting Swazi uncooked as well… 🙂

  2. Hi

    I am interested in your vegan catering. What sort of dishes can you concoct and at what prices?

    Whereabout in Jozi are you based?

  3. Hey there! Love your blog! We’re looking forward to meeting up with you next time we’re in Joburg… ❤ Vanessa + Craig from Raw Magick!

    • Thanks, love yours too. I’ll definitely look you up if I’m out in the Cape. I’ve got a link to your site on my blog (guess that’s how you found me?). Peace, Brittany

      • rawmagick

        actually, someone just posted a link to your blog on Facebook. we’re linking you on our blog now too! thanks for mentioning us! are you on FB?

      • I have a facebook group called Raw Vegan Sumtin: Jozi Uncooked. I set it up before the blog, but I try to keep both updated regularly.

  4. Hi Brittany – LOVE your site, finally I have somewhere in SA I can send family + friends for recipes with local seasonal produce (not opposite seasons like the US/UK raw sites). And your recipes are fairly low-fat 🙂

    Is it ok to print a recipe from your site from time-to-time in my newsletter (goes to 13k with 30+ new subscribers per day) with a link to you? Mostly it’s US readers but South African interest is growing.

    love, Val from PE

    • Hi Val, thanks for your comment. Of course you can print recipes in your newsletter- I’m happy to reach a larger audience with healthy and delicious options.
      Cheers, Brittany

  5. diane james

    please send me a list of your up coming courses. I would like to book for one.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Diane,
      Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier– the new address of the Jozi Uncooked website is http://www.joziuncooked.com, so I don’t check the comments on the old address very often. You can subscribe to the new site to receive updates about courses and other events.

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