Raw Tuesday take aways: Menu for 24 August

This meal is not to be missed! A delicious, hearty raw vegan version of falafel that tastes much better than the traditional fried version. And since strawberries are back in season, a decadent fruit and chocolate parfait.

Main course: Falafel– Delicious dehydrated falafel patties with fresh vegetables and marrow (courgette) hummus in a spinach wrap R 50
Dessert: Parfait– Layers of chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries R 20.

How it works:

Please email joziuncooked[at]gmail.com to place your order. Let us know how many main courses and desserts you want. We will send payment details. Once your payment is received, your order is confirmed. All orders must be in by Monday, the 23rd of August at 12:00.

Pick-up is on Tuesday, the 24th of August from 12:00-14:00 in Observatory, or 17:00-19:00 in Melville. Alternative arrangements also available upon request. Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary needs.


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