Launch of Leafy Greens Cafe

Tonight was the launch of the new Leafy Greens Cafe in Muldersdrift, just outside of Johannesburg. For the launch, there was a delicious buffet of raw and cooked vegan food.

The buffet

The restaurant’s own dishes were delicious, as were the contributions of raw chefs Serna and Ingrid. Jozi Uncooked prepared raw dolmas with spicy date sauce and creamy coriander (cilantro) sauce for the occasion. The meal was wonderful, as was the atmosphere at the launch. Despite it being a major soccer night, there was a big crowd.

Raw dolmas with dipping sauces, courtesy of Jozi Uncooked

A vegan feast!

The LG Cafe is the brainchild of Antonia de Luca and Brendan Sowers, who have poured their energy and vision into creating a beautiful vegan cafe and shop. The place takes the concept of eating locally to new levels, by growing the produce– organically– right there on the grounds of the cafe (which is on the same plot as the famous Casalinga restaurant). Instead of food miles, it’s a matter of food metres, or food footsteps.

The organic vegetable garden

Leafy Greens Cafe

The LG cafe is not just about providing delicious vegan meals– it seeks to educate people about eating in a way that is better for our health and that of the planet. In addition, the cafe has a partnership with JAM, an organisation that provides meals for poor children in South Africa and throughout the continent. The philosophy is “buy a meal, give a meal”. The shop sells delicious fresh products (many grown on the premises) as well as books, DVDs and locally produced crafts.

The shop

Vegan cafes are few and far between in Johannesburg, and this one promises to become an instant favourite. Check out their website at and then go try it out for yourself. For now, they are only open weekends, so it’s best to call ahead.


4 responses to “Launch of Leafy Greens Cafe

  1. Good luck in your place! Wish you had researched the name though. My cafe has been open for two years!

    Best to you,

    • Thanks for your comment Denise. I’ve passed along the info to the owners of the Leafy Greens Cafe in Joburg. I just checked out your website and the place sounds amazing! Hope I can visit some day.

  2. Dear Antonia

    Lovely to talk to you earlier about mobile chair massage and your shop and resturant is lovely. Will be in touch soon and look forward to meeting you.

    lots of love and blessings

    • Hi Andrea,
      Just wanted to let you know that this is not the Leafy Greens site. I just wrote about the launch. I’ll pass on your message to Antonia for you.

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