Healthy (vegan) catered lunches- yes, it’s possible!

Many people are so used to eating their meat and potatoes that they can’t begin to imagine the versatility of a plant-based diet. I always find that the best way to illustrate the incredible variety of plant-based foods is to feed people. Whether it’s your friends, your colleagues, or whoever, giving people an opportunity to sample delicious healthy food is a great way to help them see that a diet that’s good for you is also incredibly satisfying.

Here are a few pictures from a recent catering job. People attending this function were not expecting anything other than the usual, boring fried nibbles, so they were in for a real surprise. And they loved it.

A vegan feast

First up on the menu: Vietnamese crystal salad rolls with a peanut dipping sauce. These are a perennial favourite. They’re made with lots of fresh veggies (red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, bell peppers and spring onions), fresh coriander and mint, sesame seeds and either rice noodles or bean threads, wrapped in rice paper. The sauce is chili, ginger, peanut butter and soy sauce.

Vietnamese crystal salad rolls with peanut dipping sauce

Next, vegetarian sushi. One of the scariest things about sushi — for many people– is the raw fish. So leave it out, and enjoy vegetable maki instead. These had avocado, cucumber, carrots and bell peppers in them. Served with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi.

Vegan sushi

Another perennial favourite is stuffed mushrooms. This is a basic recipe that doesn’t have any gluten (many stuffed mushroom recipes involve bread). These are stuffed with their own stems, bell peppers, onion, pecans and spices. They have a meaty texture and flavour that appeals to omnivores.

Vegan stuffed mushrooms

It’s nice to incorporate flavours from all over the world, so the next item was burritos. Actually, for purposes of a finger lunch they are cut into little bites. Inside the wrap is a bean and vegetable mixture, pureed but still chunky, home-made guacamole, home-made salsa and some lettuce.

Bean burrito bites

And what finger lunch would be complete without dips? For this one, we had crudités and pita triangles with home-made hummus and guacamole. A feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Hummus, pita and crudités

Guacamole with pita and crudités

As much as this is all healthy, it’s good to cater for people with a sweet tooth as well. So for dessert, chocolate brownies. These happen to be vegan, low fat and cholesterol free, but you’d never know it when you eat them.

vegan chocolate brownies

And last but certainly not least, fresh fruit. The pomegranate seeds make any fruit platter look like its adorned with jewels.

Fruit platter

Once again, for the full effect, here’s the table. Remember, this is just a sampling of the many delicious, healthy finger foods that Jozi Uncooked can provide for your next event.

Catering for your health


One response to “Healthy (vegan) catered lunches- yes, it’s possible!

  1. Wow!! Your catered lunch looks fabulous! The brownies have made me hungry even though it’s breakfast time!

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