Johannesburg’s first raw vegan potluck

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Joburg’s first raw vegan potluck. It was a wonderful evening! There were about 15 of us at the dinner– some long-time raw foodies, others new to raw or interested in raw food. People brought all sorts of delicious raw food.  It was a real feast! Here’s a picture of the table:

The raw feast

We had amazing food and a great evening discussing raw food, organic gardening, natural health and a million other topics. It was so inspiring to hear peoples’ stories about how they chose to go raw and the raw food/ health work they are doing! We’re hoping to make the raw potluck a monthly event, so if you are interested in coming to the next one (or hosting it), contact me and I’ll add you to the mailing list.

I made raw tacos- you can see them in this shot of the table. They are arranged in cabbage leaves, just behind the raw crackers.


3 responses to “Johannesburg’s first raw vegan potluck

  1. The table looks beautiful, and the food looks yummy!!

  2. Dear Brittany: I’m standing here with your mom looking at this fabulous dinner you created. WOW – I wish I had been there for these delicious bites. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes – and your mom says hi. 🙂

    • Thanks Billy- maybe I’ll organise a dinner party next time I’m in LA- I reckon my mom could easily organise a group of at least 20 people to come and try out the raw delicacies.

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