The raw and the cooked

Recently I catered a lunch that involved approximately half raw and half cooked food. It was slightly more raw, in fact, since all of the desserts were raw. We did similar dishes for the raw and the cooked food.

There was raw pad thai (with marrow-based noodles and veggies) in a spicy almond-based sauce and stir fried veggies with rice noodles and spicy peanut sauce. Sadly I don’t have pictures of the dishes when they are 100% assembled, so you’ll have to imagine based on the components.

Raw pad thai ingredients (sauce not pictured here)

Raw pad thai ingredients (sauce not pictured)

Stir fried veggies and rice noodles (sauce not pictured)

Raw lasagna

Then there was raw lasagna and tofu-spinach lasagna. Both feature spinach and both are delicious.

Tray of tofu-spinach lasagna

For dessert, there were raw mini carrot cakes and raw cacao-coconut ganache mini tarts. Yum!

raw carrot cakes

Raw cacao coconut ganache tarts

The good thing about doing similar meals for the raw and cooked food eaters is that it doesn’t make the raw foodies feel marginalised. Often at a function, you have the main dish for meat eaters and then the vegetarians are just supposed to eat the side dishes. So this way, everybody has their own food.


2 responses to “The raw and the cooked

  1. As usual, all the dishes, even when not fully assembled, look beautiful – so many colors, you get hungry just looking at them!

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