Raw Tuesday take-aways: February 23rd

This is raw and vegan food made easy, for all you busy people who want to eat well but don’t have time to hit the kitchen. The take-aways of the last two weeks have been a hit, and we expect more orders this week due to our new-found fame (we were on SAFM today to talk about raw foods). Be sure to order this healthy and delicious meal. Don’t miss out!

Main course: A scoop of not-chicken salad (sunflower seed based) on a bed of baby spinach with fresh veggies, topped with a creamy red pepper dressing. R45

Dessert: Luscious lemon bars, made of almond, coconut and fresh lemon. Rich and delicious and a bargain at only R15

How it works:
First, place your order by responding to this post and indicating whether you want the main course, the dessert or both (we highly recommend both!). Please also indicate if you have any food allergies.
We will then send you bank details for payment.
You need to make payment by 9:00am on Monday the 22nd of February to confirm your order. Without payment, we cannot process your order.
On Tuesday the 23rd, you can pick up your takeaway in Observatory or Melville during the afternoon or early evening. We will give detailed instructions once payment is received.


3 responses to “Raw Tuesday take-aways: February 23rd

  1. I’d please like to order main plus dessert take-away for 23rd February for 2 people, i.e. 2 x main and 2 x dessert.

  2. I would like to order the 3 x main course and 3 x dessert for 23 February.

  3. Hey, sign me up – 2 x main course & 2 x that yummy scrumcious dessert. Tx

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