Bryanston organic market and beetroot greens

Over the past few years, organic fruits and vegetables have become more readily available in Johannesburg. Even the main supermarket chains have some organic produce. But the best is still at the weekly markets. One of the oldest and biggest markets is the Bryanston Organic Market, on Thursdays and Saturdays. In addition to foods, they have organic household goods and other random stuff. For me, the food is the interesting part. Look at the gorgeous organic beetroot I got (and carrots too, in the background).

fresh organic beets and carrots

In our wasteful society, we have a tendency to throw away a lot of food that we can actually use. Beet greens are one of those foods. They are incredibly nutritious and very tasty. A little bit peppery, somewhere between spinach, swiss chard and rocket (arugula for those elsewhere). The younger, more tender beet greens are great raw, as a salad green. The more mature greens are a bit more bitter, and are great lightly sautéd with olive oil.

I decided to make a salad with beet greens. I chopped them up very fine and added olive oil, lemon juice and a little Himalayan salt. I topped them with what was left of my garden paté (from Ani Phyo, see below), raisins, pumpkin seeds and apple. It was a delicious salad.

Salad of beet greens with garden paté, apples, raisins and pumpkin seeds

The garden paté is made of soaked almonds, carrot, celery, onion, ginger, garlic and lemon juice, all tossed in the blender. I made a big bowl of it, but it was so tasty that by the time I made the salad today, there was only a little left. It was great as a topping for celery sticks and also rolled up in spinach leaves.

Ani Phyo's raw garden paté


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