Raw pad thai and cacao-coconut ganache tartlets

Yesterday was our first raw food take-away. I think it was a big success, but then maybe I should wait for feedback from the people who ordered the food, since I’m probably biased. Two of them did tell me already that they really enjoyed their meals. We’ll see what everyone else says.

The first raw food take-away

The main course was raw pad thai. I used marrow (zucchini or courgette for those outside of SA) to make noodles. To make the noodles more substantial, you let them sit in a colander for a while, releasing some of the water content. Then you toss them with a little sesame oil and lime juice. I also mixed in red cabbage, spring onions, red peppers, fresh basil and coriander (or cilantro). The pad thai sauce was adapted from this recipe from Alison Anton. It was delicious.

Here it is in the take-away container, with a dollop of sauce on the top.

For dessert, I made cacao-coconut ganache tartlets. They are based on this recipe from rawmazing. Here’s a picture of them with the raw chocolate freshly poured.

Here are the tarts in the silicone muffin cups that I use to set them in nice shapes.

This is what the mini-tarts look like when they’ve set.

Cacao-coconut ganache tartlets...so rich and delicious!

We are still working on finding the greenest packaging possible. For now, we used reusable containers. You get a discount on your next order if you bring back the container.


2 responses to “Raw pad thai and cacao-coconut ganache tartlets

  1. This meal, and the love it was made with, nourished me during a crazy and highly un-nourishing day. Happy to be your self-proclaimed greatest fan! 😉

    • It’s so great to have a number 1 fan! As head of my ever-growing fan club, you are in charge of designing the Jozi (Un)cooked t-shirt, bumper sticker, etc. Glad you enjoyed it.

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